Ambrosia Bistro Bar

Ambrosia Bistro Bar

Ambrosia Bistro Bar - San Pedro


Paul the enthusiastic owner of Ambrosia Bistro Bar in San Pedro at the Costa del Sol requested me to have a look at their website for possible improvements.

The website had been built only a couple of years back and was already “responsive”, meaning that it was well displayable at mobile devices. But especially on mobile devices, but also on the desktop the website loaded extremely slow. So I helped them to make it much faster within the technical possibilities of the current hosting provider. We will change provider in the near future to make it even better.

Also the current findability can be improved on both SEO friendliness as well as technical aspects. While improving this I will also work on making the site safer to prevent attacks from hackers.


Currently I am working on the English version of the website making it duo-lingual!