Brug Jachtverhuur

Brug Jachtverhuur


Brug Yachtcharter: sailing boat rental sites

Brug Yachtcharter (Brug Jachtverhuur in Dutch) started in 2011. As a small startup they had a tight budget, so a relative made their intial website. Soon the website wasn’t suitable anymore with the rapid growth of the company, so they requested me to update the site and add a booking system to it.

In 2014 I did a major overhaul and redesign of the Dutch website and added a German version as well. Due to limitation of the initial booking system I integrated a better specialized booking system into the websites.

Because Brug Yachtcharter was still rapidly growing they were looking for a substantial redesign and improving search engine optimization. The team that started working in 2017 on the 2018 version of the site was temporary expanded by a webdesign bureau, SEO specialist and professional 3D photographer. This resulted in a completely new build website based on the WordPress platform. This time the website was also extended with an English version.

Brug Yachtcharter continued our partnership for reliable hosting, maintenance and further development of their website.

I provide for Brug Yachtcharter:

  • Multi language website
  • Dedicated domains
  • Linking to Google Analytics for the SEO specialist
  • Premium hosting
  • Maintenance Integration with booking system